Custom Architectural Art Glass

Fused Glass

My most current glass work has evolved from my past experiences learning and working with traditional glass painting techniques used for leaded glass work. I incorporate silk screen prints, most created or adapted from my own original photos, which I print on glass. I kiln fire the painted/printed glass and, for many pieces, I build the paint-fired glass into layered, colored and/or collaged pieces; then fuse it all together in the kiln. Some of my work emphasizes print and imagery; while some of my pieces are more about form, color, texture.

I use imagery from photos I take while adventuring around New Orleans, catching bits of wonder in the unique area and community where I live (music/architecture/people), clients’ personal photos or memorabilia for custom pieces, and love to turn them into imaginative and unique display pieces.

I am presently working on a few new designs inspired by the dark and mystical ambiance and moods of New Orleans’ cemeteries.