Custom Architectural Art Glass



AFTER OVER 20 YEARS OF CUSTOM ART GLASS EXPERIENCE, Wendy Carter established Liquid Studio in New Orleans, LA in 2018

I began working with glass at Rainbow Studios in Memphis, TN, and since then I have worked in various studios in San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; and now in New Orleans, LA.

Starting this company has become my life’s next step in finding ways to share my passion for art glass. Art has been a part of my life since before I could even know what it was, and glass art has become the art form through which I have come to share, learn, know, and sometimes remember myself.

Some of my earliest memories are of watching my dad in his shop as he made cabinetry, woodwork, and metal work. I remember watching him draw and fit stained glass for his pieces. My mother, also, was often creating ceramic or oil-painted art pieces. I can look back now and see how they inspired me, but it was not until I took art classes in high school that I came to find that I shared so many of their gifts and inclinations.  

I went on to pursue those inclinations through fine arts and graphic design academic programs, then somewhat unexpectedly, found myself working for Rainbow Studio in Memphis TN, where I was first really introduced to glass artwork: I learned sandblasting, fused and kiln-formed glass, beveling, architectural and installation work. My work at Rainbow led me to my earliest business experiences and forming Midtown Art Glass, where I undertook several stained and leaded glass church restorations and installations; as well as corporate, commercial, and residential work.

My glass story turned toward some of its most prominent influences when I moved to San Diego in 2004 and started working for Bera Stained Glass. Glass great John Bera, a brilliant master glass painter, schooled me in the ways of both traditional European glass painting techniques and new rendering methods. Working for an artist of his caliber, skill, and expertise was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

While in California, I endeavored to learn new forms such as torch-worked and small blown glass, which led me to find the inspiring teachers and mentors at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA, where I was accepted in 2007. My experiences at Pilchuck opened up my knowledge and passion for torch worked and layered, kiln-formed glass, which are still prominent aspects of my art today. I went on, in Portland, OR, to take classes in printmaking at Bullseye Glass and later stumbled into an opportunity to work for Amri Studio, where I was able to further develop and learn techniques for sandblasting and carving glass. It was a true honor to work for the inspiring and creative Christina Amri, and her team; bringing to life her elegant and intricate designs, while learning precision and technique to take my own carving and etching to the next level.

I find myself drawing upon and remembering all of the influences, mentors, and inspirations that have brought me to this place, as I make my life’s newest glass adventure in New Orleans, LA.  I want to share my passion for art glass with as many people as I can.

That’s why, at Liquid Studio, we love making and sharing original pieces, informed by our own inspiration and perspectives. And, like others have done for me, we also love to contribute to others bringing their stories, visions, and ideas to life, through custom designed glass art.


My most current glass work has evolved from my past experiences learning and working with traditional glass painting techniques used for leaded glass work. I incorporate silk screen prints, most created or adapted from my own original photos, which I print on glass. I kiln fire the painted/printed glass and, for many pieces, I build the paint-fired glass into layered, colored and/or collaged pieces; then fuse it all together in the kiln. Some of my work emphasizes print and imagery; while some of my pieces are more about form, color, texture.

I use imagery from photos I take while adventuring around New Orleans, catching bits of wonder in the unique area and community where I live (music/architecture/people), clients’ personal photos or memorabilia for custom pieces, and love to turn them into imaginative and unique display pieces.

I am presently working on a few new designs inspired by the dark and mystical ambiance and moods of New Orleans’ cemeteries.